Tip guards and silicone products

The protection of instruments has never been more important. As a result of increasing centralisation, the merger of CSSDs and external reprocessing, transport routes are becoming ever longer. This means that sensitive and complex instruments have to be protected not only within your own hospital, but often when being transported off-site. Moreover, the health of users also plays a primary role. Accordingly, Interlock sets great store by a wide range of guards, caps, protectors and silicone products.

  • Guards and caps in diverse shapes, sizes and materials to ensure the perfect protection of valuable instruments
  • Single-use tip protectors made of special card or transparent foil as a cost-effective alternative to caps and guards
  • Cable binders for countless uses, such as the bundling of individual instruments
  • Sheets for packing tables which, on the one hand, facilitate handling and, on the other hand, protect the instruments from being scratched on stainless steel tables
  • Further instrument protection products that help to solve the problems you encounter every day