Sterilisation batch control

For a supportive verification management of all run sterilisation batches, Interlock Medizintechnik offers suitable process challenging devices as well as indicators for all common sterilisation procedures.

  • Helix PCDs and test hoses for multiple use
  • Ready-made test systems for single-use
  • Multistage indicators to verify different parameters, like time temperature and condensate
  • Indicators for steam sterilisation, low temperature procedures (EO, FO, H2O2) as well as hot air
  • Special indicators for steam sterilisation in the prion program (CJD)

Batch control - Formaldehyde control-indicator

Batch control - Formaldehyde control-indicator

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Batch control - Formaldehyde control-indicator


REF 50015
batch control: for FO sterilization
quantity: 100 indicator strips / set
pack. unit: 1 box

Formaldehyde Control Indicators should be used inside each pack to show that Low Temperature Steam and Formaldehyde gas (LTSF) have penetrated the pack in a sufficient quantity and for the correct length of time for sterilization to occur.

The control indicator turns from blue to a complete green when adequate sterilizing conditions have been reached.

It is recommended that Browne Formaldehyde Process Detector (Order Code 2402) Spots are placed on the outside of each pack to allow processed and unprocessed items to be identified at a glance.

Note that the spots are not calibrated to be used as an ‘in-pack’ control indicator.

According to ISO 11140-1 class 4.