Monitoring water quality

The water quality is essential when reprocessing medical devices. It is recommended to use completely demineralised water and to monitor and document the water quality for mid-cycle rinse as well as the final rinse in the WD. A result of an insufficient water quality are hazards as limescale and pitting corrosion. High-quality water ensures a retention of the material properties of the instruments and WDs.

To measure the conductivity and determine the water consistence (pH value, water hardness) test strips as well as electronic test equipment can be used. Water parameters are determines in the standard DIN EN ISO 15883 part 1 Washer Disinfectors as well as in the standard DIN EN 285 Steam sterilisers (for boiler water).*

In this section, you will find various test equipment and analysers that support you in this case:

  • pH tests as strips with colour scheme for evaluating the value
  • pH test equipment to be immersed in the water you want to test
  • Conductivity meter to evaluate the salinity of the water (to avoid films or corrosion on the medical devices as well as in the WDs)
  • Calibration and storage solutions for the pH and the conductivity test equipment

*See Zentralsterilisation 5/2014 und 6/2014: Empfehlung des Fachausschusses Qualität 87 + 88.

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