Quality assurance

Due to the daily process monitoring and documentation, one of the most essential fields when reprocessing, quality awareness now takes a significant role. Routine checks ensure a constant process also between the annual maintenance and validation cycles. They assist you when implementing the current directives and standards. The product portfolio in this segment is constantly growing to help you achieving or keeping a high quality level. Please find below various kinds of test equipment for every work step – cleaning, disinfection and sterilisation.

  • Indicators for standard WDs, WDs for endoscopes and ultrasonic vats for monitoring the cleaning efficiency or ultrasound energy
  • Protein tests to verify invisible residues in hollow instruments (e.g. MIS instruments), on the surface of instruments and working stations, as well as endoscopes
  • Ink-based integrity tests of seal seams as well as tests with indicator strips and colour interpretation scheme
  • Various tests to ensure a consistent water quality
  • Steam penetration test for routine checks – multi and singe use checks
  • Interlock routine monitoring systems for permanent use
  • Batch controls for all common sterilisation procedures like steam, low temperature (EO, FO, H2O2) or hot air in different designs
  • Biological indicators routine monitoring and microbiological validation of the most common sterilisation and disinfection procedures
  • Further quality monitoring tolls such as  disinfection indicators, indicator dots, counting strips and sterilisation control cards
  • Test equipment for quality monitoring of surgical instruments (functionality, cleaning result, diameter, length and weight) as well as for the optimisation of the work space