SEPTEMBER 2017 - Digital Handheld Microscope and Angle Mount


Interlock Medizintechnik offers you a digital handheld microscope with a practical angle mount for optimized quality-control inspections of medical devices. The microscope enables the detection of fine residues and various types of surface damage, including instrument deformation. It is especially suitable for inspecting very delicate instruments of the sort used, for instance, in ophthalmological and neurosurgical applications.

Use the USB cable to connect the digital handheld microscope to your workstation computer and enjoy the advantage of magnified images (15 to 65x, 225x) at a resolution of 2.0 megapixels. The integrated LEDs provide excellent lighting and enable you to easily detect even the smallest of defects. The direct transmission of images to your computer allows you to conveniently document any damaged or contaminated instrument.

The angle mount allows you to stabilize the digital handheld microscope for wobble-free, detailed images at high magnification.

Properly trained CSSD employees equipped with the digital handheld microscope and the right mount will significantly increase the efficiency with which your department’s daily quality-control and documentation tasks are performed.


Description SU

Digital Handheld Microscope with USB Cable and LED Lighting

•   Magnification: 15 to 65x, 225x
•   Including software program for PC processing
•   Resolution: 2.0 megapixels
•   Power supply via USB
•   System requirements: from Windows XP onward

1 pc.


Angle Mount

•   Suitable for REF 09998
•   Height-adjustable
•   Adjustable stage with spring clamps
•   Adjustable LED lighting (USB or battery-powered operation)

1 pc.