LDPE Security Bags


To minimize the risk of recontaminating disinfected medical devices, as per the KRINKO/BfArM recommendation*, Interlock Medizintechnik LDPE offers LDPE security bags in six different sizes. The bags are transparent, so their contents can easily be identified without needing to open the packaging. Documentation fields on the outside of the bags and on the tear-off receipts allow for process transparency for all users as well as for implementing into your documentation. All bags have a serial number, which may be used for tracing medical devices. A 40 mm security closure helps to protect the user as well as the patient. It is immediately apparent, if the bag has been reopened after sealing.

Please always adhere to predefined maximum storage periods for disinfected products when using Interlock safety bags!

*Recommendation from the Commission on Hospital Hygiene and Infection Protection at the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) and the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices (BfArM) on the „Hygiene requirements for the reprocessing of medical devices“, 2012. 2.2.2 Drying; 2.2.4 Packaging; Annex 8 section: 3.7

See also: Central Service 2/2015: Recommendations by the Quality Task Group (90): „Protection of disinfected medical devices against recontamination“.

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Dimensions SU
03073 120 x 100 mm 100 pcs.
03074 170 x 200 mm 100 pcs.
03075 320 x 300 mm 100 pcs.
03076 220 x 500 mm 100 pcs.
03077 520 x 500 mm 100 pcs.
03078 770 x 500 mm 100 pcs.