Cable Binders


Thanks to their convincing quality, variety of available versions and diversity of applications, Interlock’s cable binders are already being used in virtually every CSSD today. Silicone or plastic versions allow universal application.

The Interlock cable binders optimise both the packaging process in the CSSD / SPD and the withdrawal of the instruments in the operating theatre, by ensuring quick and easy identification of instruments, sets and trays. They also are ideal for attaching tray signs to trays. Labelling of instruments for repair or replacement is likewise easily possible with the Interlock cable binders.

The high tensile strength and the special closure variant make the plastic cable binders an ideal product for tamper-proof sealing of trolleys, whereas silicone cable binders optimally protect the instruments during bundling in the tray. All Interlock cable binders are heat-resistant and can thus be sterilized at 134 °C.

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