Kidney dish holders


Due to an ever-increasing number of operations, cleaning and disinfecting kidney dishes in a space-saving yet eff ective way constitutes an enormous challenge for CSSDs. Given that the space on the loading trolleys for washer-disinfectors must always be optimally utilised, storage aids for various products are welcome resources. In this way, waiting times can be reduced and unnecessary replenishment stores saved.

The Interlock kidney dish holder made of stainless steel off ers enough space for 8 kidney dishes, which you can store within the space of just one DIN system basket thanks to its unique design. Further advantages of the upright positioning of the kidney dishes include minimised areas that are left unwashed and dry removal of the products following cleaning. Cleaning solution residues are not able to gather on or in the inverted product, which also has a positive impact on the drying result of the entire load.

The Interlock kidney dish holder not only saves space on the washer-disinfector loading trolley, but also prevents any
carry-over of rinse water throughout the entire cleaning cycle.


REF Format in mm
Description SU
20459 460 x 220 x 165 for 8 kidney dishes
1 unit