JULY 2016 - Solvent Ultra


During the reprocessing of medical devices CSSD staff are commonly faced with tough stains on medical devices such as surgical instruments. Those stains can be heavily resistant to removal by conventional detergents without seriously damaging the actual device.

Deposits of adhesives on surfaces of medical devices are a common example of such contamination. Vigorous brushing by itself is not sufficient and may harm the sensitive surfaces of those sensitive devices.

To solve this problem in the reprocessing, Interlock offers ‘Solvent Ultra’, a new generation cleaning product with a powerful cleaning formula.  Solvent Ultra removes even ultra-resistant stains from surfaces of medical devices. Thanks to its natural and highly effective orange oil, Solvent Ultra removes adhesive plaster residues as well as iodine- and paste residues quickly and reliably. Simply by treating the affected surface with Solvent Ultra the problem is solved. Solvent Ultra is available in two sizes – 250 or 500 ml.


REF Description
Content PU
02123 Solvent Ultra 250 ml 1 bottle
02124 Solvent Ultra 500 ml 1 bottle