JUNE 2016 - Hybrid sieve tray labels


Individual labeling options are of great importance to the identification and tracking of sieve trays. However, not any label will meet the strict criteria required for labels used within the CSSD-department to ensure a smooth operation and high quality standard required within the daily processes. The ideal label will be designed in a way to allow CSSD-staff to attach it firmly to the tray while at the same time being able to exchange labels safely and quickly. In addition to that, the label has to be resistant to the typical mechanical stress which is common in any CSSD-environment.

Interlock hybrid sieve tray labels comply with all those criteria while being a perfect combination of stainless steel label holders and PTL insertion labels.

The labels come in a variety of colors and types. This is of great help especially with regard to recurring loaner sets. After returning the loaner sets, the inscribed labels can be stored until the next use while the label holder is available for further applications. The robust and high-quality stainless steel label holders can be attached to the sieve trays via the provided clip. The label holders have been designed to withstand thousands of sterilization cycles. PTL labels are compatible with laser-, P-Touch- or marker-labelling to allow a clear allocation to department or prioritization. This is further enhanced by the  wide range of  label-colors which Interlock has on offer. PTL sieve tray labels can be re-used and are heat-resistant up to 134°C.

For some variants different sized labels can be used with the same label holder. Due to the range of variations you will certainly find a suitable combination for your individual needs.