MAY 2016 - Interlock band clamps and spreaders for instrument cleaning


We are all aware of the importance of adequate cleaning and sterilization of instruments in order to prevent potential human infections in hospitals. Sometimes in this critical process one is heavily dependent on ‘little helpers’ which make the processing of instruments successful.

One of those ‘little helpers’ are the Interlock band clamps. Those band clamps keep the joints and jaws of, for example, rongeurs open and enable all critical areas to be effectively cleaned.

Other important ‘helpers’ are the Interlock spreaders: These allow instruments with ring handles, forceps with springs as well as clamps which cannot be disassembled to be cleaned much more efficiently in wash- disinfectors. Thereby the jaws remain open during the cleaning process to enable permanent rinsing.

All the underlying materials are of course heat-resistant (>134 °C).