3-Chamber Storage Container

The handling of small CSSD accessories poses a great challenge when the workload is high and the time limited. With their three chambers, the interlock storage containers made of transparent acrylic glass offer the perfect solution for the storage of small parts such as protective caps, cable ties or seals. The containers optimise your workplace organisation and thus also your processes in the department. The dispensing flaps ensure rapid withdrawal of the bulk goods while also protecting them from any contamination. The containers are securely stackable thanks to a push-in connection on the top, which allows you to store a very large number of different accessories at your workplace. Furthermore, their rubber feet ensure a safe position on the working surface. The Interlock 3-chamber storage containers are heat-resistant up to 60 °C and can be disinfected as well.


Size SU
09862 360 x 200 x 230 mm 1 pc.
LDPE Security Bags

To minimize the risk of recontaminating disinfected medical devices, as per the KRINKO/BfArM recommendation*, Interlock Medizintechnik LDPE offers LDPE security bags in six different sizes. The bags are transparent, so their contents can easily be identified without needing to open the packaging. Documentation fields on the outside of the bags and on the tear-off receipts allow for process transparency for all users as well as for implementing into your documentation. All bags have a serial number, which may be used for tracing medical devices. A 40 mm security closure helps to protect the user as well as the patient. It is immediately apparent, if the bag has been reopened after sealing.

Please always adhere to predefined maximum storage periods for disinfected products when using Interlock safety bags!

*Recommendation from the Commission on Hospital Hygiene and Infection Protection at the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) and the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices (BfArM) on the „Hygiene requirements for the reprocessing of medical devices“, 2012. 2.2.2 Drying; 2.2.4 Packaging; Annex 8 section: 3.7

See also: Central Service 2/2015: Recommendations by the Quality Task Group (90): „Protection of disinfected medical devices against recontamination“.

Click this link for an overview of all LDPE security bags:


Dimensions SU
03073 120 x 100 mm 100 pcs.
03074 170 x 200 mm 100 pcs.
03075 320 x 300 mm 100 pcs.
03076 220 x 500 mm 100 pcs.
03077 520 x 500 mm 100 pcs.
03078 770 x 500 mm 100 pcs.
Brush Sets

Cleaning of instruments is the first step in the processing cycle and essential for proper disinfection and sterilisation. Interlock optimises the cleaning process by specially selected brush sets that allow contamination to be removed ideally.

With their various lengths, diameters and shapes, the Interlock brush sets are suitable both for hollow and standard instruments. Many of the brushes are heat-resistant and can therefore be cleaned and disinfected in the WD. All brushes are available as separate items as well.

In addition to an endoscope brush set, for example with special brushes for biopsy valves, Interlock also offers sets of MIS brushes with ring handles for optimal storage organisation and better handling in the cleaning process. The portfolio is completed by mixed brush sets consisting of various MIS brushes and cleaning brushes.

Our customer support will be pleased to advise you in the selection of brush sets or individual brushes to match them ideally to your processing cycle.

Click this link for an overview of all brush sets:


Title SU
09356 Set for endoscopes
1 Set
09057 Round brushes - small
1 Set
26035 Round brushes - big
1 Set
26033 Mix 1 1 Set
26034 Mix 2
1 Set
26485 Mix 3 1 Set
Cable Binders

Thanks to their convincing quality, variety of available versions and diversity of applications, Interlock’s cable binders are already being used in virtually every CSSD today. Silicone or plastic versions allow universal application.

The Interlock cable binders optimise both the packaging process in the CSSD / SPD and the withdrawal of the instruments in the operating theatre, by ensuring quick and easy identification of instruments, sets and trays. They also are ideal for attaching tray signs to trays. Labelling of instruments for repair or replacement is likewise easily possible with the Interlock cable binders.

The high tensile strength and the special closure variant make the plastic cable binders an ideal product for tamper-proof sealing of trolleys, whereas silicone cable binders optimally protect the instruments during bundling in the tray. All Interlock cable binders are heat-resistant and can thus be sterilized at 134 °C.

See online for the full range of Interlock cable binders.

Follow the link for the full range of Interlock cable binders:

Conchotome Opener

Opening and disassembly of conchotomes and rongeurs is the prerequisite for hygienically flawless reprocessing by the SPD/CSSD. The Interlock Conchotome Opener (REF 20462) facilitates this process step, thus providing better handling.

Dismantling of conchotomes and rongeurs with the Interlock Conchotome Opener saves time and facilitates disassembly. In addition, the risk of injury to the user from the instrument can be minimised, and the reprocessing process optimised. The Interlock Conchotome Opener is made of stainless steel and can thus be completely reprocessed.

Follow the link to learn further details about the Interlock Conchotome Opener:

Silicone grid inserts

The new format of the Interlock silicone mat now offers the proven protection also  for the storage of instruments in small-set containers, dental cassettes or tray baskets having the format 120 mm × 250 mm. When placed in the container, the Interlock silicone mat prevents both impact damage and scratching of instruments and container coating. Upon use of containers in combination with soft packaging, on the other hand, the Interlock silicone mat protects the inner packaging, thus supporting safe and secure storage of sensitive instruments during transport. When the Interlock silicone mat is inserted directly into the tray basket, the unique honeycomb structure minimises the areas not cleansed due to surface coverage during the treatment process, ensuring excellent cleaning results.

Silicone Fixtures

The Clinipak silicone fixtures can be put to universal use and are ideal for fixing into sieve trays with a mesh size of 4 to 5 mm.

Unlike conventional holders, which have to be screwed down with an additional accessory, the Clinipak silicone fixtures’ holders can be easily inserted into the sieve trays’ base mesh and require no maintenance whatsoever. The small contact surface between the instrument and the silicone fixture compared with a flat bearing in the sieve tray also enables a better cleaning result. At the same time, the fixtures’ round shape prevents the instruments from sliding out of the fixing as a result of the high rinsing pressure. Mutual instrument damage is also prevented, which has a positive impact on the service life.

Additionally, clear instrument organisation thanks to the Clinipak silicone fixtures offers significant advantages for the user. While the fixtures reduce the risk of the user injuring themselves on the instruments, the instruments can also be returned to the holder straight after surgery and pass through the complete reprocessing cycle in one tray. This can optimise the time and effort spent on reorganisation and the arrangement of the instruments in the sieve tray.


REF Specification

opening dia.

Dimensions (WxHxD)
SU   REF Specification opening dia. Dimensions (WxHxD) SU
08381 straight opening 3-slots - 59 x 15 x 6 mm 1 pc.   08390 round opening 3-slots 5 mm 96 x 15 x 6 mm 1 pc.
08382 straight opening 6-slots - 59 x 15 x 6 mm 1 pc.   08391 round opening 3-slots 5 mm 59 x 15 x 6 mm 1 pc.
08383 straight opening 6-slots - 96 x 15 x 6 mm 1 pc.   08392 round opening 4-slots 5 mm 96 x 15 x 6 mm 1 pc.
08384 straight opening 12-slots - 96 x 15 x 6 mm 1 pc.   08393 round opening 5-slots 5 mm 96 x 15 x 6 mm 1 pc.
08385 round opening 1-slots 5 mm 59 x 15 x 6 mm 1 pc.   08394 long, round opening 1-slots  7 mm 81 x 31 x 6 mm 1 pc.
08386 round opening 2-slots 5 mm 59 x 15 x 6 mm 1 pc.   08395 long, round opening 1-slots 16 mm  81 x 31 x 6 mm 1 pc.
08387 round opening 2-slots 5 mm 96 x 15 x 6 mm 1 pc.   08396 long, round opening 3-slots 7 mm  93 x 31 x 6 mm 1 pc.
08388 round opening 2-slots 9 mm 67 x 29 x 6 mm 1 pc.    08397 long, round opening 3-slots 7+12+15 mm  93 x 31 x 6 mm 1 pc.
08389 round opening 2-slots  9+12 mm 67 x 29 x 6 mm 1 pc.            



Instrument stringers

Nowadays, high efficiency and process speeds are indispensable when processing medical devices. Therefore, auxiliary agents, such as Interlock instrument stringers, are ideal supplements for daily work in the central sterile services department (CSSD).

For example, joint instruments in an open state can be threaded to the instrument stringer after being used in surgery. Once the stringer has been closed, it can be placed in a sieve tray together with the instruments. In so doing, and whilst they are being cleaned in the WD, the joints of the contaminated instruments always remain open, which provides a more effective cleaning result.

The instrument stringers can also be a great help when packing surgery sets. In the CSSD, for instance, ring handle instruments can be placed in the order of the packing list along with the instrument stringers in a sieve tray. They will arrive pre-sorted in the surgery, where they will be used. This not only saves time, but also facilitates the counting of the instruments after they have been used in surgery.

The Interlock instrument stringers are manufactured from corrosion-resistant stainless steel and are durable. They are available with two key mechanisms (ball or hook closure), as well as in two different widths and four lengths. The Interlock instrument stringers can be used for a large number of conventional instrument groups.


REF Format in inch
Closure SU   REF Format in inch
Closure SU
20443 4" x 2,5"
ball 1 pc.   20451 4" x 2,5" hook 1 pc.
20444 6" x 2,5" ball 1 pc.   20452 6" x 2,5" hook 1 pc.
20445 8" x 2,5" ball 1 pc.   20453 8" x 2,5" hook 1 pc.
20446 10" x 2,5" ball 1 pc.   20454 10" x 2,5" hook 1 pc.
20447 6" x 6" ball 1 pc.   20455 6" x 6" hook 1 pc.
20448 8" x 6" ball 1 pc.   20456 8" x 6" hook 1 pc.
20449 10" x 6" ball 1 pc.   20457 10" x 6" hook 1 pc.
20450 12" x 6" ball 1 pc.    20458 12" x 6" hook 1 pc.
Kidney dish holders

Due to an ever-increasing number of operations, cleaning and disinfecting kidney dishes in a space-saving yet eff ective way constitutes an enormous challenge for CSSDs. Given that the space on the loading trolleys for washer-disinfectors must always be optimally utilised, storage aids for various products are welcome resources. In this way, waiting times can be reduced and unnecessary replenishment stores saved.

The Interlock kidney dish holder made of stainless steel off ers enough space for 8 kidney dishes, which you can store within the space of just one DIN system basket thanks to its unique design. Further advantages of the upright positioning of the kidney dishes include minimised areas that are left unwashed and dry removal of the products following cleaning. Cleaning solution residues are not able to gather on or in the inverted product, which also has a positive impact on the drying result of the entire load.

The Interlock kidney dish holder not only saves space on the washer-disinfector loading trolley, but also prevents any
carry-over of rinse water throughout the entire cleaning cycle.


REF Format in mm
Description SU
20459 460 x 220 x 165 for 8 kidney dishes
1 unit
Interlock pipe cleaners

The latex-free Interlock pipe cleaners were especially developed for improved cleaning of narrow lumen and channels of medical devices such as aspirators, sleeves or trocars. Depending on the desired hardness grade, customers can choose from a multitude of available diameters and materials. On the one hand, there are the soft versions made of cotton or fleece (polyester) for gentle cleaning of sensitive surfaces. On the other hand, Interlock also offers the nylon blend variants, where individual nylon bristles have been incorporated between the cotton or polyester fibres. As is the case with normal round brushes, the strength is thereby increased and the cleaning effect improved.
For a basic set of different pipe cleaners, it is advisable to use the practical dispenser system, which has holding fixtures both for the loose pipe cleaners and for the pipe cleaner reels. Thanks to their acrylic glass design, the dispensers are also easy to clean and their contents can be identified immediately. Suitable refill packs are naturally available for the dispensers. The dispenser systems can be wall-mounted due to the holes on the rear.


REF Ø in mm
Length Material Designation SU
26322 3,0 10 m Cotton Pipe cleaner - soft 1 reel
26336 3,0 7,5 m Polyester - nylon Pipe cleaner - medium 1 reel
26323 3,0 10 m Cotton - nylon Pipe cleaner - medium 1 reel
26337 6,0 7,5 m Polyester - nylon Pipe cleaner - medium 1 reel
26328 15,0 5 m Polyester - nylon Pipe cleaner - medium 1 reel
26329 15,0 / 4,0 5 m Polyester - nylon Pipe cleaner - medium 1 reel
26334 3,0 7,5 m Polyester - nylon Pipe cleaner - hard 1 reel
26335  6,0 7,5 m  Polyester - nylon Pipe cleaner - hard 1 reel
26324  3,0 150 mm  Cotton - nylon Pipe cleaner Duo 100 pcs.
26342  3,0 300 mm  Polyester Pipe cleaner Fleece - soft 50 pcs.
26325 9,0  300 mm  Polyester Pipe cleaner Fleece - soft 50 pcs.
26326 12,0 300 mm Polyester Pipe cleaner Fleece - soft 50 pcs.
26327 15,0 300 mm  Polyester - nylon Pipe cleaner - medium 20 pcs.
AUGUST 2016 - Clear Vizor© protective face shields

The ClearVizor© protective face shield sets offer an all-round solution for the reliable protection of users’ faces and eyes.
The ClearVizor© frames are made of a very lightweight plastic. With just 7.5 g, they are the lightest frames available on the market. They are bendable, flexible, resistant to breakage and designed to provide complete comfort over a long period of use (even when wearing glasses).
The construction, material and design of the ClearVizor© frames ensure a correct and secure fit even when the user moves quickly in different directions or tilts his head forward.
The ClearVizor© protective foils are made from thin, ultra-light material with outstanding optical parameters and are characterised by their complete resistance to breaks and cracks, guaranteeing safety for the user.

The fundamental advantages of the ClearVizor© foils are:

•  Outstanding transparency

•  No distortion of the field of vision

•  Offers health protection during work

•  Anti-glare

•  Anti-static

•  Equipped with anti-fog 


•  Scratch-resistant

•  Resistant to liquids and chemicals

•  Safe (resistant to breaking and chipping)

•  The visor is protected on both sides with

   adhesive foils (incl. removal aids)

•  Light and ergonomic


REF Colour
Content   REF Colour Content
09714 white 1x frame + 10x foil shields   09720 white 1x frame + 2x foil shields
09715 blue 1x frame + 10x foil shields   09721 blue 1x frame + 2x foil shields
09716 transparent 1x frame + 10x foil shields   09722 transparent 1x frame + 2x foil shields
09717 pink 1x frame + 10x foil shields   09723 pink 1x frame + 2x foil shields
09718 yellow 1x frame + 10x foil shields   09724 yellow 1x frame + 2x foil shields
09719 green 1x frame + 10x foil shields   09725 green 1x frame + 2x foil shields
        09726 - 10x foil shields, without frame
JULY 2016 - Solvent Ultra

During the reprocessing of medical devices CSSD staff are commonly faced with tough stains on medical devices such as surgical instruments. Those stains can be heavily resistant to removal by conventional detergents without seriously damaging the actual device.

Deposits of adhesives on surfaces of medical devices are a common example of such contamination. Vigorous brushing by itself is not sufficient and may harm the sensitive surfaces of those sensitive devices.

To solve this problem in the reprocessing, Interlock offers ‘Solvent Ultra’, a new generation cleaning product with a powerful cleaning formula.  Solvent Ultra removes even ultra-resistant stains from surfaces of medical devices. Thanks to its natural and highly effective orange oil, Solvent Ultra removes adhesive plaster residues as well as iodine- and paste residues quickly and reliably. Simply by treating the affected surface with Solvent Ultra the problem is solved. Solvent Ultra is available in two sizes – 250 or 500 ml.


REF Description
Content PU
02123 Solvent Ultra 250 ml 1 bottle
02124 Solvent Ultra 500 ml 1 bottle
JUNE 2016 - Hybrid sieve tray labels

Individual labeling options are of great importance to the identification and tracking of sieve trays. However, not any label will meet the strict criteria required for labels used within the CSSD-department to ensure a smooth operation and high quality standard required within the daily processes. The ideal label will be designed in a way to allow CSSD-staff to attach it firmly to the tray while at the same time being able to exchange labels safely and quickly. In addition to that, the label has to be resistant to the typical mechanical stress which is common in any CSSD-environment.

Interlock hybrid sieve tray labels comply with all those criteria while being a perfect combination of stainless steel label holders and PTL insertion labels.

The labels come in a variety of colors and types. This is of great help especially with regard to recurring loaner sets. After returning the loaner sets, the inscribed labels can be stored until the next use while the label holder is available for further applications. The robust and high-quality stainless steel label holders can be attached to the sieve trays via the provided clip. The label holders have been designed to withstand thousands of sterilization cycles. PTL labels are compatible with laser-, P-Touch- or marker-labelling to allow a clear allocation to department or prioritization. This is further enhanced by the  wide range of  label-colors which Interlock has on offer. PTL sieve tray labels can be re-used and are heat-resistant up to 134°C.

For some variants different sized labels can be used with the same label holder. Due to the range of variations you will certainly find a suitable combination for your individual needs.

MAY 2016 - Interlock band clamps and spreaders for instrument cleaning

We are all aware of the importance of adequate cleaning and sterilization of instruments in order to prevent potential human infections in hospitals. Sometimes in this critical process one is heavily dependent on ‘little helpers’ which make the processing of instruments successful.

One of those ‘little helpers’ are the Interlock band clamps. Those band clamps keep the joints and jaws of, for example, rongeurs open and enable all critical areas to be effectively cleaned.

Other important ‘helpers’ are the Interlock spreaders: These allow instruments with ring handles, forceps with springs as well as clamps which cannot be disassembled to be cleaned much more efficiently in wash- disinfectors. Thereby the jaws remain open during the cleaning process to enable permanent rinsing.

All the underlying materials are of course heat-resistant (>134 °C). 

APRIL 2016 - K-Wire containers made of titanium

K-wire containers made of titanium are characterized by low weight with high strength of the material. Due to the natural formation of a passivation layer, titanium is particularly suitable for products which require a high corrosion resistance.

The Interlock K-wire containers made of titanium are of a very high quality in terms of finish in order to provide the highest protection-standard for sensitive K-wires against mechanical damage, e.g. damage of the tips or bending the wires during cleaning- and disinfection process or sterilization, transport and storage.

The 4 chambers of the K-wire containers provide a reliable and organized storage-system for the K-wires. Due to the perforated plate structure the water can rinse around the wires during the cleaning and disinfection process. The dispenser system allows for simple removal of the k-wires, thus minimizing the risk of potential injury to the user.

For better identification and allocation, Interlock offers custom-made laser-marking of the four chambers to its clients.


REF Length
Diameter pcs./SU
07493 130 mm 20 mm 1 pc.
07494 200 mm 20 mm 1 pc.
07495 350 mm 20 mm 1 pc.

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