News & Information - September 2017

Varying instrument surface properties make it essential to select brushes whose bristles match the cleaning specifications of the instruments in question. The relative brush abrasion should be calibrated to ensure that the removal of the various kinds of soiling does not damage your highly valuable instruments. At the same time, however, the brush should also not be too soft, as this will prevent it from effectively removing contaminants.

In order to meet these challenges, Interlock Medizintechnik offers you four high-quality brushes in different grades of stiffness. Thanks to their specially designed bristles, all of the brushes are capable of removing the most stubborn of residues, including coagulated blood. With a thermal resistance of up to 134 °C, the brushes can be cleaned using standard disinfecting equipment. The brushes’ ergonomically shaped handle is suitable for both right and lefthanders.

Please refer to our brush brochure for other specialty brushes. Simply ask a member of our sales team or download the brochure from our website:


Bristle length Brush head length Total length Stiffness grade Bristle colour SU
09478 15 mm
75 mm 215 mm soft black 1 pc.
26491 15 mm 75 mm 215 mm medium-strong white 1 pc.
26492 15 mm 75 mm 215 mm strong black 1 pc.
09460 15 mm 75 mm 215 mm extra-strong yellow 2 pcs.
AUGUST 2017 - Interlock, Key Surgical and Clinipak to Join Forces

Three renowned companies merge to form a globally leading vendor of sterile and surgical supplies.

Interlock Medizintechnik GmbH (Germany), Clinipak Ltd. (UK) and Key Surgical Inc. (USA) are now offering a joint, comprehensive range of products and together supply nearly 10,000 hospitals and surgical centres all over the world. Of course, here the industry’s most stringent quality standards for patient supplies continue to apply.

The new management team consists of Scot Milchman (CEO), Brian O’Connell (COO) and John Savage (CFO).

Mads Fiig, a healthcare executive with many years of experience, serves as the managing director of the European business activities, and Gerhard Baum, managing director of Interlock, and Craig Lewis, managing director of Clinipak, will likewise continue to work for their companies.

Key Surgical, Interlock and Clinipak will continue to operate under their existing names.

Customers can look forward to a broader and even more interesting product portfolio and continue to expect service-oriented support. The first joint exhibition of the three companies is going to be at the 18th World Sterilization Congress, which will be held in Bonn from October 04th to 07th, 2017.

News & Information - August 2017

The Interlock instrument clamps are used to organise ring instruments during processing, transport and storage on the tray. They allow grouping by instrument classes, such as sharp and blunt clamps, and facilitate quick and safe withdrawal in the operating theatre. Since they are made of stainless steel, they are WD-compatible and heat-resistant up to 134 °C. Interlock offers the instrument clamps in four sizes.


Length SU
20463 50 mm
1 pc.
20403 75 mm 1 pc.
20404 100 mm 1 pc.
20405 125 mm 1 pc.
News & Information - July 2017

For optimal cleaning of test tubes, Interlock Medizintechnik offers robust test tube brushes made of nylon. The bristle bundle at the end of the brush head serves to clean the test tube bottom, from which it detaches residues. The brushes are offered in three  versions differing in diameter and length. The eye handle ensures a secure hold during the brush movement in various directions.


Total length
Brush head length Brush head dia. Bristle bundle length SU
26486 250 mm
50 mm 10 mm 30 mm 1 pc.
26487 295 mm 70 mm 15 mm 35 mm 1 pc.
26488 290 mm 80 mm 20 mm 30 mm 1 pc.
News & Information - June 2017

Interlock is happy to introduce the new stainless steel glove dispenser (REF 09205), offering all common glove sizes in one convenient location. The brushed stainless steel dispenser can accommodate up to four glove boxes (max. size 255 x 130 x 93 mm). S, M, L and XL size markings facilitate attribution of the correct glove size. The dispenser can easily be disinfected using wipe disinfection. The material included also allows for wall mounting.

News & Information - April 2017

The InkCheck® Plus by Interlock Medizintechnik is used for routine control of seal seam tightness. Individually removable cartridges allow time-saving and reproducible test conditions.

As the InkCheck® Plus cartridge in the sealed bag opens upon slight pressure, the risk of coming into contact with ink is minimised. Thus, the InkCheck® Plus is a good alternative to tests with vials and pipettes.

For Tyvek packaging, Interlock furthermore offers the InkCheck® Plus Tyvek with red ink for better evaluation of possible leaks.

News & Information - May 2017

Interlock paper filters are available in various shapes and sizes and provide a reliable germ barrier. They meet the international requirements in accordance with ISO 11607-1 and are intended for single use. With a diameter of 190 mm and a central punched hole of 6 mm, the INT01152 container filter with process indicator is suitable for use in Aesculap containers.

The complete filter portfolio can be found here:

News & Information - March 2017

This year, the Arab Health, the most important medical technology trade fair in the MENA region, was once more completely devoted to the establishment of contacts and exchange of experiences between local and foreign medical technology companies. From January 30th to February 02nd, in addition to some 4,000 exhibition booths, among other things product training modules for interested visitors were offered.

Together with our Dubai-based dealer, we availed ourselves of the opportunity to present new and innovative products to the market. We were able to make many new contacts, as well as to strengthen valuable long-term relationships.

We therefore thank all visitors to our joint booth for the interesting discussions and look forward to seeing you again at the World Congress in Bonn (October 04th – 07th, 2017) or the Medica in Düsseldorf (November 13th – 16th, 2017).

News & Information - February 2017

We are pleased to inform you that at the end of 2016 Interlock Medizintechnik, Germany’s leading CSSD consumables producer, has merged with the British Sterile Services company Clinipak Ltd.. This brings a number of benefits to our valued customers on both sides.

With a portfolio comprising now more than 5,000 products and a global sales network covering more than 80 countries, the merger has produced the globally leading company in the special niche of CSSD accessories and Sterile Packaging.

Both companies have a similar positioning with a history of more than 25 years as manufacturing companies, complementary product portfolios with a focus on medical packaging (in particular for CSSDs) and CSSD accessories, as well as a matching corporate philosophy. Values such as integrity, innovation leadership, highest quality standards, intensive customer service and a very high ability to deliver are as natural for Clinipak as they are for Interlock.

You as our customer have now access to many additional products along our three product segments of CSSD, endoscopy and surgery, which your regional medical devices consultant will be pleased to present to you in a personal discussion.

Our aspiration is to continue to provide you with the most innovative and highest-quality products for CSSD, surgery and endoscopy, to always offer pragmatic solutions for your daily challenges, and to support you with our consultation at any time, as we have always done.

We look forward to continuing our successful cooperation with our esteemed customers.

Best Regards,
Your Clinipak and Interlock Teams

News & Information - January 2017

Biohazard bags reduce the risk of recontamination as they are suitable for sterilisation and are available with or without a steam indicator. They can be sterilised in autoclaves at a maximum temperature of 141°C and are extremely resistant to leakage and perforation. Biohazard bags are available in the following sizes:

REF  Dimensions
SU   REF Dimensions Indicator SU
03063 530 x 700 mm without indicator 200 pcs.
  03068 530 x 700 mm with indicator 200 pcs.
03064 630 x 800 mm without indicator 120 pcs.
  03069 630 x 800 mm with indicator 120 pcs.
03065 630 x 890 mm without indicator 120 pcs.
  03070 630 x 890 mm with indicator 120 pcs.
03066 800 x 1100 mm without indicator 100 pcs.
  03071 800 x 1100 mm with indicator 100 pcs.
03067 870 x 1100 mm without indicator 100 pcs.
  03072 870 x 1100 mm with indicator 100 pcs.
News & Information - December 2016

The four-day Medica is now over and the buzz of the fair continues to ring in our ears. We had an even greater impression than in previous years which was not only thanks to the countless visitors and highly esteemed partners who visited our booth. Also the new catalogues, newsletters and brochures such as the innovative brush brochure were well received by the visitors. They looked at our new products with great enthusiasm and took the opportunity to talk to us in person. In addition, the presentation of the Interlock stand in a new design was convincing due to functionality and tidiness.

News & Information - November 2016

Discover the new Interlock catalogue „OR & Patient care“ when visiting Medica in Düsseldorf / Germany (14 – 17th of November, 2016).

There will be many high-quality and innovative products for you to see, such as:

•  Plastic cannulae that are pliable up to 90° for topical wound irrigation and are a cost-effective alternative to metal cannulae

•  Sterile bowls for use in surgery, e.g. as vessels for different irrigation solutions, and disinfection agents

•  Sterile suture aid booties to protect, mark and locate the sutures during surgery

•  Non-sterile gowns and gloves for patient contact in the ward

•  Kirschner wires made of stainless steel and titanium for operative fracture treatment

The 100-page printed version will be available at this year‘s Medica. You can pick up a copy at our stand, 12A47, and take the opportunity to watch exclusive demonstrations of our new products.

We look forward to meeting you!

News & Information - October 2016

MEDICA - the world’s leading trade fair for the medical industry takes place in Düsseldorf from 14 - 17 November 2016. Interlock Medizintechnik GmbH is delighted to welcome its customers and partners at its 30 sqm booth in hall 12 booth A47.

Visit us at our booth to explore many new and innovative product highlights from the world’s leading CSSD consumables company.

News & Information - September 2016

Very hard, worn hand scrub brushes are increasingly posing a problem in surgical hand disinfection, as they can cause fine micro-lesions in the skin during hand-washing. To avoid this situation, there is the Interlock disposable hand scrub brush, which reduces this effect with its soft, rounded plastic bristles yet provides a perfect cleaning result in spite of this. Widely used, these disposable hand scrub brushes are already an integral part of surgical preparation routines. With nail cleaners individually sterile-packed and wall-mounted in the practical dispenser box, they are a swift and suitable alternative to conventional brush dispensers.

News & Information - August 2016

Residue-free cleaning is an enormous challenge when reprocessing vascular surgery microclips and Dieffenbach vessel clips. As the jaws of the clips can only be cleaned effectively when open, Interlock has designed special spreaders which can be attached to the back of the microclips and Dieffenbach vessel clips. They will keep the clips open to ensure rinsing of the jaws throughout the entire cleaning process. The spreaders are available in different sizes in stainless steel and plastic, what means that you can reprocess clips regardless of the size!

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