Interlock Instrument Stringer - ball closure

Interlock Instrument Stringer - ball closure

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Interlock Instrument Stringer - ball closure
material: stainless steel
quantity per pack: 1 piece

Joint instruments in an open state can be threaded to the instrument stringer after being used in surgery. Once the stringer has been closed, it can be placed in a sieve tray together with the instruments. In so doing, and whilst they are being cleaned in the WD, the joints of the contaminated instruments always remain open, which provides a more effective cleaning result.

The instrument stringers can also be a great help when packing surgery sets. In the CSSD, for instance, ring handle instruments can be placed in the order of the packing list along with the instrument stringers in a sieve tray. They will arrive pre-sorted in the surgery, where they will be used. This not only saves time, but also facilitates the counting of the instruments after they have been used in surgery.

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